Design   Build

Save money by dealing with only one company through enhanced communication, increased accountability, and a value based feedback system.



Define the project’s objectives and document them to keep all team

members focused on a daily basis.

Establish a


Understand the actual costs

of implementing project goals.

Create a


Implement overall project timeline and
key component related to construction
and budgeting.



Provide required documentation

necessary to ensure timely financing.

Our Services

Design    Build

Bay Area Building Solutions prefers and excels in the Design Build project delivery system. In this system, all design and construction activities are contracted through a single entity. The advantage of having all of your project workflow handled by Bay Area Building Solutions is simple: overall project cost savings. Save money by dealing with only one company through enhanced communication, increased accountability, and a value based feedback system.

Conceptual Budgeting

One of our company strengths is establishing accurate conceptual development and construction budgets based on little more than your ideas and a simple plan. We use our expertise, along with historical data and current economic factors, to generate detailed project estimates from which to build pricing models.

Pre-Construction Solicitation

We pride ourselves on the people and organizations that we have forged lasting relationships with. This not only includes our clients, but our subcontractors, suppliers and vendors as well. These strong, honest relationships translate into favorable pricing and quality workmanship for our end users.

Project Scheduling

Bay Area Building Solutions utilizes Microsoft Project exclusively for our project scheduling and tracking. All projects have initial pre-construction scheduling conferences where timelines, durations and milestones of the most critical project activities are established. This information is then disseminated, updated electronically and distributed to all project team members throughout the duration of the project.

Relocation Logistics

Your project will require detailed coordination to insure minimal disruption of existing or proposed activities. This means delivering a level of service that many construction companies consider outside their realm. We can coordinate moving, security concerns, voice / data issues, among many other items critical to your business.

Development Feasibility

On many projects, we are able to determine whether your project will be a viable venture or not. We evaluate the economic feasibility of your idea, using pro-formas and cost / benefit analyses to see what kind of financial impact your proposal may have. We also monitor the current local legal environment, along with the operational and technological feasibilities of what you want to do relative the current market factors.

Construction Management

Our role as your General Contractor will include defining the project team members, implementing specific project controls, developing communication protocols and reinforcing your goals throughout the process. We do this by listening, planning, aggressive cost management, strict contract administration and running a safe jobsite.

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